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This site is under construction at this time.

(UPDATED August 23, 2011)


Whether you are already a member; or a Korean War veteran who wishes to join our chapter, you are welcome to participate, and to share with us. This includes Korean Service veterans.

You are entitled and encouraged to become a member of the Korean War Veterans Association, Inc. Information about that can be found at KWVA, Inc. National Website, KWVA.org.

We want not just for you to join us, but to also use and contribute to this site, and share some of your time with us at chapter events.

Remember, it belongs to you!

Here are some pictures from the March 25th, 2007 Chapter Luncheon:

March 25, 2007 Luncheon

Here is the (for the present) planned content for this draft website:

  • Home Page
  • Using drop-down menus for selections; links to Chapter Officers, a President's Page, Reports, and Alerts providing notification of upcoming events.
  • Member Page with contact info. This will be linked to a chapter database, that can be loaded and updated through a password-protected interface. (Scope of the data will be developed and approved by the chapter membership.)
  • Links to past KWVA Santa Clara County (SCC) Chapter Newsletters
  • Links to Veteran organizations & websites
  • Link to the National KWVA website: http://www.kwva.org
  • Link to the KWVA California State Department Website
  • Links to other California chapter websites
  • Links to local sites of interest to seniors
  • Articles, especially experiential essays by members
  • Member photos (With biographies for whoever has the nerve)

How much of this comes to pass is really up to those of you who wish to contribute. Any ideas chapter members have for content not mentioned above is welcome, and will be reviewed and discussed.

The website when finished will have links and drop-down menus and other attributes to get you to the content. The intent of this 'version' is, as indicated above, to gather and collect ideas and interest about that content.

Please don't be shy about your input, you can email us at:
KWVA Santa Clara County (SCC) Chapter
President Walter Schrank's email: waltnmari@earthlink.net
Webmaster's email: george@lawhon.org


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